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Beauty Detox Loose Leaf Tea

Beauty Detox Loose Leaf Tea

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Introducing our luxurious Beauty Detox Blend - the secret to a vibrant and healthy lifestyle! Indulge in a divine tea experience that not only boosts your energy but also promotes a debloating and glowing skin.

Infused with an array of antioxidant-rich ingredients like burdock root, dandelion leaf, hibiscus flowers, green tea, acai berry, schisandra berry, garcinia cambogia, and calendula petals, this herbal powerhouse works wonders for your body.

Harnessing the natural purification properties of burdock root, this blend effortlessly detoxifies your body. Dandelion leaf acts to eliminate toxins while retaining vital minerals. Hibiscus flowers contribute to reduced inflammation and a vitamin C boost.

Enriched with the goodness of green tea, this blend boosts your metabolism, Acai berry, schisandra berry, and garcinia cambogia are known for their health management benefits, whilst the antioxidants in calendula petals ensure nourished and hydrated skin.

Beyond its tantalising flavours, our Beauty Detox Blend is meticulously formulated to promote overall wellness. Experience the divine transformation when you savour a cup of our Beauty Detox Blend - amplifying your radiance from the inside out!


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