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Edible Flowers - Cool Confetti

Edible Flowers - Cool Confetti

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Add a touch of ‘coolness’ to any occasion with our Edible Flower Cool Confetti mix. Your secret hack to adding a dash of flair to your drinks... because there’s always a reason to celebrate.  

With an extended shelf life of at least two years, our cool confetti mix of: cornflower, calendula, rose petals, organic dianthus and organic calendula, has lasting freshness and flavour. 

Cool Confetti mix is for: Becoming the coolest host, sprucing up any drink.

Sprinkle the flower mix over your favourite drink for effortless coolness, or try freezing them in a DrinksPlinks ice cube tray. For best results in our trays we recommend filling the tray 3/4 with water on a flat surface, freezing, then gently sprinkling the flower mix into the tray and filling the remainder of the tray with water. Allow to freeze for at least five hours and enjoy!

Store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

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